End User License Agreement

Installing, distributing, or saving the Font Software will be deemed as acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Font Software License Agreement. If you do not agree to them you should stop downloading or immediately delete the font software and your money will be refunded if the software has not been installed or distributed.

I. Acknowledgements

1. The installers and users of this font software acknowledge that they do not own the font, but a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the font software in accordance with the following terms.

2. The license owners grant the following non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to all purchasers of the Font License: (a) To install the font on up to one computer per license. (b) To keep a copy of the font file on a removable media for backup purposes. (c) To use the font as part of a page layout or design for print. (d) To send the font to a printing device for output on a physical media.

3. In addition, the license owners grant the following non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to purchasers of an Embeddable Font License: (a) To embed glyph information into a file, so long as few as possible of the glyphs represented in the font are embedded, and as little as possible kerning or substitution information is explicitly embedded. The embedding must be as secure as possible, to prevent extraction of glyphs by non-licensed users. (b) To install a full version of the font on a second computer. (c) To install the font software on a computer for periods no longer than two days for purposes of displaying or printing a document that has the font embedded.

4. In addition, the license owners grant the following non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to purchasers of a Distributable Font License: (a) To embed the entire font in a program or document. (b) To install a full version of the font on up to ten computers.

II. Ownership

1. The font software, and all the outlines and other data contained therein, are the property of the copyright holders listed in those fonts.

2. The user has not purchased the font, but a license to use the font, in accordance with the license type they have purchased.

3. The font will list in the copyright information which license type it is associated with.

4. Any extraction of outlines from the font software for use in any other font software for distribution purposes is not permitted by this license. Any reverse compiling or engineering is not permitted, and is considered an infringement of the copyright. No digital modification of the file is permitted for any purpose.

5. If you distribute the font, you are responsible for making sure all the individuals who receive the font also receive a copy of this license agreement.

III. Limited Liability and Warranty

1. We have tested this font on multiple systems and multiple platforms, with multiple configurations, and believe this font to be properly created and in proper working order.

2. If the font is found to have a defect, stemming from an error in the construction of the font, and such a defect is reproducible, and the user notifies constructor of the font less than 30 days from the date of purchase, the manufacturer will correct the defect and provide a replacement.

3. We do not guarantee the functionality of applications that use the font, or compatibility with any one specific program or environment. We do not guarantee that operating environments or programs will interpret the font software correctly.

IV. Failure to comply

If you fail to comply with the terms of this license, you must immediately destroy all copies of the font software you have in your possession or have distributed. No refund will be given for destruction. All the rights of the user are forfeit at that time.

1. Any copy of the font that cannot be destroyed in accordance to these terms must be paid for at the full Distributable Font License price for that font at the purchase price current when such destruction should be performed.

2. If a user must destroy the font as a result of violating this license, and wishes to purchase the font again, they must pay the full price for the font.

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